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In today’s constantly changing workplaces high churn rates make the resulting moves, adds and changes (M/A/C) increasingly expensive. Moving a single person often involves a coordinated effort from an interdepartmental team comprised of members from facility planning, IT, telecomm, the help desk, a move management company and customer service staff. Recently, IFMA suggested that the per-unit cost averages $650 for each individual moved.

Now consider having to move large groups of workers following a company-wide downsizing, reorganization, merger or acquisition and it’s easy to see where things can get both complicated and expensive. CenterStone move management software provides the most robust and easy-to-use solutions available, simplifying single-person and large, project- based moves.

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CenterStone’s robust workflow engine manages the process, from initial requests through approvals, execution of moves and post-occupancy evaluations (POE). CenterStone users can quickly design multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios, incorporating plans for relocations, renovations, adjacencies, consolidations and corporate reorganizations – all based on existing information and/or future requirements. This data is then readily presentable to all stakeholders so that informed decisions can be made and plans executed with the utmost efficiency.

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