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The following is an overview of the Evolve FM software release history. Please contact us with any questions you have on the new updates & functionality. If needed, we will arrange a time to demonstrate any of the new features & functionality that you would like to review.

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Release History

For additional information please download the .pdf document included with each release note below.

download pdf icon2017 OCT (2017.9.1)


With the exception of data import functionality, and Permission Settings, all module functionality has been migrated to the Evolve FM HTML5  interface (previously referred to as "Evolve2").

  • Evolve FM HTML5 is now the official Evolve FM User interface.
  • The Classic interface will be retired in March 2018.
  • The MOVES module has been extensively modified in this release and is no longer available in the Classic interface.
  • The PLAN ROOM module has been extensively modified in this release and is no longer available in the Classic interface.
  • UDA Type of URL has been added to Platform Administration.


  • Allocation\Select search is now ordered by number.


  • Drawing Import, and other Drawing Management functions in the new "official" interface, are located in Platform Administration.
  • Drawing Import speed has been improved.


  • Multi-Edit has been added.
  • Project Lock has been added to freeze changes.
  • The removal of Options, simplifies the user interface.
  • Tier 1 added to Move list.
  • Last Name, First Name, separated into two columns in Move list.

Plan Room

  • Approval Queue added.
  • Projects added.
  • Download History added.

Platform Administration

  • All Administration functions, for all modules, are located in Platform Administration.
download pdf icon2017 APR (2017.2.15)

Feature Improvements

All new feature improvements are being designed for the Evolve2 interface.

  • Reporting has been migrated to Evolve2 (Reporting Administration is in Classic).
  • All modules have been made accessible through Evolve2. Non-migrated Classic modules will open in a new window.
  • Evolve2 exports the grid list to .XLSX format.
  • "Get Image" has been added to the Drawing Viewer.
  • UDA Type of URL has been added to Platform Administration.
download pdf icon2016 DEC (2016.9.1)

Evolve FM Mobility Takes a Big Step

The major enhancement in this release comes with the conversion of the Drawing Viewer to HTML5, moving Evolve FM closer to its full conversion to a device independent platform.

All clients now have access to both the "Classic" Evolve FM interface and to the new Evolve FM interface that provides a more streamlined look and feel, and that will replace the Classic interface once the full migration to HTML5 is complete.

For now, work from either interface, both options connect to the data in your Evolve FM database. Login directions to the new interface will be sent to all clients.

The new interface currently provides access to the following modules:

  • Space
  • Assets
  • Drawings
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Maintenance (Operations Module)
  • Requester (Operations Module)
  • Plan Room (Document Repository Module)


  • Work Order tab added to the asset dialog.
  • Copy asset added to the Asset Grid (EvolveXM Only).

Drawing Viewer

  • Converted to HTML5.
  • Center mouse pan/zoom added.

Move Module

  • Multi-edit added to Move Request grid.
  • Execute Moves added to the Move Request grid.
  • Create Work Order added to Move Request grid.
  • Employee ID and Email added to the Select Occupants grid.
  • Employee ID and Email added to the Moves grid.
  • Closing Move Work Order moves the occupant.
  • Executing a move via a Service Request will close out the Work Order.

Platform Administration

  • Advanced Data Import Occupant Location employee ID has been added as an additional key field.


  • Control added to only display dynamic spreadsheet reports in Dynamic Spreadsheet tab if the Administrator decides it is appropriate.
download pdf icon2016 April (2016.4.1)

!! CRITICAL MODIFICATION !! Automatic Allocation Settings Redefined

  • Allocate Manually
    (Previously "Do Nothing") Use to manually allocate space.
  • Allocate Equally-Space Cost Center
    (Previously "Allocate Space Cost Center") Each cost center assigned to a space will be assigned an equal portion of that space.
  • Allocate-Occupant Cost Center
    Cost center will be assigned equally to each occupant currently assigned to the space.

NOTE: To override the automatic allocation setting behaviors listed above, you can set any individual space to manually allocate using the "Allocate Manually" check box located on the Space Dialog Form.


  • "Simple Space" grid layout added to the Manage View list in the Space Grid (use as default grid view for faster data return).

Drawing Viewer

  • Drag & Drop panel name changed to Moves.
  • "Drag & Drop" function changed to "Point & Click". You now select a name in the move list and then click the "move-to" space on the drawing.


  • Auto Count and Auto Area added to highlights.

Import Error Improved

  • "Warning database contains multiple values for selected key" error will display the duplicate values.

Evolve FM Mobility (Evolve FM HTML)

Evolve FM HTML is the codename for the next big change in your Evolve FM product. Aside from a more streamlined look and feel, the biggest improvement is its device independence. Now you can easily interface with Evolve on any connected device, phone, tablet, or computer.

In this build you'll be able to access the following modules:

  • Space
  • Assets
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Requester (Operations Module)
  • Plan Room (Document Repository Module)

IMPORTANT! Both versions of Evolve (HTM and HTML) are connected to your Evolve FM database. Working from either application will update the data in your Evolve FM database.

download pdf icon2015 August (2015.8.1)

Evolve FM Mobility Begins!

This release began the process of transitioning the Evolve FM application to a Reactive Web Application. This transition is the beginning of Evolve FM mobilization which will provide the ability to use Evolve FM on an iPad, iPhone, and on Android devices.

This release does not yet expose the new mobility features & look to users however it does include the feature improvements below.


  • Space import messaging and validation improved.
  • Space Calculation Method is now displayable in the Floor grid.


  • Comments has been added to the email notification.
  • Multi-Asset WO is now saved to each asset record on the WO.

Platform Administration

  • Advanced Data Imports > Space Allocation messaging and validation improved.

Evolve Image Generator

Modified to work in HTTPS environments, it now has the following settings available:

  • <add key="UseHttps" value="false"/>.
  • <add key="HttpsPort" value="8210"/>
  • <add key="SSLPath" value="c:\"/>


  • Web.config now includes internal server variable to allow separation of Report View application and Evolve application
  • Web.config now includes font variable for legend custoization..
download pdf icon2015 April (2015.4.1)


  • This release focused on a number of bug fixes.
  • No new feature updates.
download pdf icon2014 August (2014.8.1)


  • Login now validates against upper and lower case in password.
  • Login now accepts apostrophes

New Moves Module

The new Evolve FM Moves module has been introduced in this release. It allows you to plan and execute your moves from within the application and it can connect to the Operations & Maintenance module to generate Work Orders & Service Requests. The Moves module allows you to build move options and display/modify them graphically. Moves is an additional module available for purchase.


  • Occupant category/type added to Occupant grid.
  • Custom label position is now maintained during a new drawing import.
  • Print Drawing button now uses the image generator so a high quality image can be saved and dropped into any other report/file.


  • Asset ID added to the Work Order grid.
  • Asset ID added to the Service Request grid.
  • Sub Status added to the Work Order grid.
  • Closed filter added to Work Order grids.
  • Work Order dialog calls moved to stored procedure to improve speed.


  • Dynamic Spreadsheets now include the ability to work with Drawing reports (ex: you can use a drawing report to highlight your selected data).
  • Dynamic Spreadsheets now highlight fields in read that cannot be used in your filter based on report selection.
  • Quick search removed from Dynamic Spreadsheets to allow for advanced report filtering.
download pdf icon2014 March (2014.3.1)

Data Import

Quotation marks will not be imported into Evolve. This change eliminates the importation of  erroneous quotation marks automatically created in .txt files containing comma separated data.


  • The Import Drawing interface has been improved.
  • The Express import method has been replaced with two new semi-automatic express options, Express (Spaces Only) and Express (Spaces & Assets).
  • Advanced Import Templates have been added.

Platform Administration

The Permission tree default display state is now Collapsed and buttons have been added for Expand All and Collapse All tree list functionality.


Dynamic Spreadsheets now include the ability to filter data for tabular based structured reports. For example, a general space report can now be filtered down to return data related  to a specific space type, allocation, etc.

download pdf icon2013 December (2013.12.1)

Dialog Forms

  • Space and Asset: Schedulable checkbox added to the Attributes tab of each dialog form.
  • Floor: Manual Update Only checkbox has been added to the Attributes tab of the Floor dialog form.  When selected, the Floor Area will not be updated when a drawing is imported into Evolve.
  • Building: Floor Tab has been added to the Building dialog form listing all Floors assigned to a building.


  • Search controls have been added above the Drawing Navigator pane. This new feature provides easier access to the Drawing Viewer search features.
  • The opened/closed state of the Drawing Viewer left/right/bottom panes is stored per user login. This new feature will save the state of the Drawing Viewer panes each time a user closes the Drawing Viewer. When the user reopens the Drawing Viewer the panes will appear in the state (open or closed) in which they appeared in the user's last drawing session.

Platform Administration

  • Grid security has been added to Permissions. This new feature allows you to control permission to specific data columns within data grids.
  • User name has been added to Label & Theme Drawing Setup. This update allows you to identify the user who created a drawing label and/or theme.


  • Dynamic Spreadsheets now include associated UDA data fields. This update allows you to include your UDA data in your Dynamic Spreadsheet reporting.
download pdf icon2013 September (2013.9.1)


  • Interface to control themes added to Platform Administration. This new feature allows you to control which Themes are available in the Drawing Themes list. It provides the ability to disable themes that you do not use and to make selected custom themes public and available to all users.
  • Interface to control Labels added to Platform Administration. This new feature allows you to control which Label Styles are available in the Drawing Label list. It provides the ability to disable labels that you do not use and to make selected custom labels public and available to all users.
  • Added ability to turn Manage Themes on/off in security. This update allows you to control permissions to the Manage Themes button in the Drawing Viewer.
  • On multi-select the numeric fields in the Attribute pane are summed. This update displays data in the Attributes pane for multiple selected spaces on the drawing. The numeric data fields Area, Planned Headcount, Headcount, and Available Seats are summed and the calculated value is displayed. All matching data values are displayed in their corresponding fields and the word varies displays when data values differ between the selected spaces.


  • Ability to clone PMs. This update added the COPY button to the Preventive Maintenance grid which allows you to crate new Preventive Maintenance routines by copying an existing PM.
  • Ability to change location based on Requested For. This updated added the Update Location button next to the Requester and Requested For data fields on the Service Request and Work Order forms. When clicked, the Location data is updated with the data associated to the selected Requester or Requested For.
  • WO# number included in subject line of notifications. This update added the Work Order number to the subject line of Maintenance email notifications.
  • All fields available for WO notifications to Labor and Supervisor. This update added all applicable data fields to Maintenance Labor and Supervisor email notifications.

Platform Administration

  • Interface to control required fields. This new feature provides the ability to control the required data fields on most user forms.
  • Grid to run/manage additional stored procedures. This new feature provides a user interface within Evolve to manage and execute custom SQL stored procedures.
  • Ability to clone Functional Groups. This update added the COPY button to the User Management Functional Groups grid, which allows you to create new Functional Groups by copying an existing Functional Group.


  • Multi-edit added to Space grid. This new feature allows you to select multiple records in the Space grid and then click the OPEN button to display the Multi Edit form.
  • Multi-edit added to Asset grid. This new feature allows you to select multiple records in the Asset grid and then click the OPEN button to display the Multi Edit form.
download pdf icon2013 June (2013.6.1)

Advanced Data Imports

  • Move In/Move Out dates added to Occupants Advanced Data Import.
  • Simple Move through Advanced Data Imports with the Maintenance Module. This new features provides an additional grid in Advanced Data Imports which collects move data entered using the Maintenance Module. The data collected can then be exported/imported into Evolve to manage multiple occupant moves.


  • Added data field to capture/display Area 2. This new features allows you to capture an alternate value for Area, for example Gross Area and Net Area.
  • "Save" Changed to AutoSave when adding data to the database.

Dialog Forms

  • A Detail Tab has been added to the Space & Building Dialog Forms. This new feature added the Detail tab to both the Space form and to the Building form which can be used to collect additional detail data.
  • A visual indication for field types has been added. This new feature added a gold asterisk to data fields on dialog forms that accept free text entry. If the data field is a dropdown list, the values entered will be automatically added to the box selection list.
  • A Work Order tab has been added to the Asset form and to all Space related forms. This new feature allows you to view Work Orders associated to an Asset, Property, Building, Floor, or Space directly from its dialog form.
  • A "New" button has been added to all forms where a picture can be assigned.
  • The Manage Themes dialog form interface for building custom Drawing Themes has been revised.


  • Dynamic Spreadsheets in Reporting. This new feature added Dynamic Spreadsheets to the Reports component providing access to all fields associated to a specific space, occupant, or asset.
download pdf icon2013 February (2013.2.1)


  • Automatic Work Order generation for Preventive Maintenance.
  • SQL Server based email notifications for Maintenance.
  • Automatic Preventive Maintenance Work Order generation handled by SQL Server Agent (in full SQL only).
  • Moved email notifications to SQL database mail engine.

Platform Administration

  • Path configurations moved from the Evolve.inc file to Platform Administration Setup.
download pdf icon2012 November (2012.11.1)
  • .NET 4.5 framework now required
  • Added the Preventive Maintenance program designer.
  • Report RDLs can be created in newer version of Visual Studio or SQL Report Builder.
  • Additional RDLs added to the RDL folder to be used as templates as well as providing data field and dialog listings.
download pdf icon2012 August (2012.8.1)
  • Introduced the Operations & Maintenance Module.
  • Move In/Move Out history displayed on the Space form.
  • UDAs added to underlying views.
  • UDAs added to Themes.

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