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Polyline & Text Auditing Tools for CAFM.

fmAUDIT™ tools have been designed to quickly and easily identify polyline & text irregularities on AutoCAD drawings that are known to cause problems when the drawings are imported into a Computer aided Facility Management (CAFM) system.

fmAUDIT™ is part of the Simple FM Tools™ AutoCAD & AutoCAD Architecture toolset app available for download on the Autodesk App Store.

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AutoCAD Audit Tools for CAFM

Anyone who has to polyline AutoCAD floor plan drawings for a CAFM system will appreciate the auditing tools found in fmAUDIT.

Why use fmAUDIT?

Auditing a Floor Plan Drawing for CAFM

Each audit has been designed to check your polylined AutoCAD floor plan drawings for specific CAFM system related drawing errors. As each audit is performed, the Audit Report will expand to display drawing errors found during an audit.

Click each error displayed in the Audit Report and the AutoCAD display will zoom to and highlight the object causing the error, making it fast and easy to locate each error found.

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