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EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance Management software delivers functionality for your everyday operations and maintenance management needs. The CMMS tools available in the EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance module have been designed to assist a maintenance department with their primary responsibilities:

How you implement the CMMS tools in EvolveFM should reflect the way your maintenance department operates. Whether your organization prefers an automated based system that gets a service request into the hands of a technician automatically, or a more manual system where Call Center personnel or supervisors make decisions about when and who handles a particular work order, EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance is a great fit.

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Integrating CMMS & CAFM

evolvefm service request drawing image The CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) functions and tools in EvolveFM are seamlessly integrated with the CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) features in the EvolveFM Space & Assets module making it quick & easy to create service requests or work orders directly from your interactive drawings. This integration of CMMS & CAFM pulls together the assets, locations, and labor that your maintenance people need to do their job.

Three Components

The EvolveFM Operations & Maintenance module includes three components to help you and your maintenance staff better manage your day-to-day operations.

Key Features

The Ohio State University Improves Customer Service and Reduces Annual Facilities Software Cost by 50% with EvolveFM... "From a cost of software perspective, we are saving well over 50% annually compared to what we would have spent to try and sustain the enterprise IWMS solution we initially acquired. And our users love EvolveFM!

Joe Porostosky, Senior Manager, Facilities Information and Technology Services,

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, a leader in academic medicine, needed to replace their FMDesktop CAFM system with an application that was easy to use and adaptable to future needs... "Our objective was to replace FMDesktop with a new application that would allow us to continue to support the reporting needs of the engineering, finance, and facility management departments."

Andrew Houghton, Project Design Manager, Dartmouth-Hitchcock  Read More

EvolveFM's installation options are scalable to meet your organization's needs.

  1. Standalone PC
  2. Single Server
  3. Dual Servers
  4. Cloud Hosted

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EvolveFM System Requirements.

  1. CLIENT: IE 8 or higher, Adobe Flash
  2. IIS SERVER: IIS Server 6 or later, .NET 4.5 or higher, Adobe Flash Player Active X (for IE) v10.1+
  3. SQL SERVER: Operating System: Microsoft Windows server 2003 or later, SQL Server 2008 r2 or higher

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August 2014 - Move Management Module released

March 2014 - Enhancements to Drawings and Dynamic Spreadsheets

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1Browser Based

EvolveFM is fully browser based allowing access through your corporate network, or the internet.


Functional Group Security & user based permissions allow you to control access to features & data via a user's login credentials.


EvolveFM fits any size organization - from those looking to manage a single building to organizations with over 100,000,000 SF of space to manage.


EvolveFM competes functionally with products 2x - 5x its price. EvolveFM has everything you need and nothing you don't.

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